Prevent Alzheimers

It would appear that despite there being no definite proof that you can prevent Alzheimers, the answer as to whether you can varies depending on who you ask. And one thing is certain, thousands of dollars, if not millions, are spent every year trying to find the perfect solution – if not a cure then certainly the way to prevent Alzheimers Disease.

Despite the different opinions on possible Alzheimers prevention, it would appear that just about everybody involved in finding a solution agrees that certain lifestyle factors will lessen or increase the apparent symptoms of Alzheimers.

These include the standard ‘eating healthily’. As you might expect the correlation between Alzheimers and diet is very high. We all know that our body works better if we avoid consuming a lot of the bad things available. It doesn’t have to mean avoiding all sugars, fats and alcohol entirely but keeping your cholesterol, weight and blood pressure at acceptable levels is definitely in your favour.

As is taking regular exercise. There are many ways keeping fit in today’s society either before or after an Alzheimers diagnosis. Why not make the most of the wide variety of fitness groups that provide both the exercise and social stimulation that is so important to keeping a brain active?

Alzheimers and stress have also been linked, so learning to relax and prioritise your life could also help to prevent the onset of Alzheimers Disease.

However when it came to researching ways to delay or prevent Alzheimers there was one, singular area that everyone did agree on, and that was keeping your mind active . Keeping your brain sharp would appear to be an integral line of defense when dealing with this form of dementia. So learning how to improve your memory now could well delay the need to find techniques that will help in overcoming memory loss later.

How you choose to do that may well vary from one person to another, but one thing is sure, there are many things we can do that increase our need to think,learn and remember. When considering activities for Alzheimers don’t forget reading, computer skills, writing poetry, socialising or learning a new hobby. There are truly thousands to pick from so there is never the excuse of not finding some brain sparking that appeals.

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