Improving Your Memory

Improving your memory might not prevent Alzheimers Disease but many believe that it could delay the debilitating effects of it.

Like any other part of the human body, for the brain to work at its highest capacity it is important that it’s given the optimal fuels, good food and adequate sleep for starters. While we all need oxygen to live, a regular supply of clean, fresh oxygen also plays a huge part in the brain working at its highest capacity. Regular exercise increases the flow of oxygen, smoking will lessen it.

Over the last few decades many articles and books have been written about ways of improving memory, here are just a few of the suggestions.

Memory improving tips
• Make a conscious effort to increase your concentration while trying to absorb new information.
• Where possible try to use all your senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) to form a memory.
• Keep a positive ‘I can do this’ attitude.
• Avoid distractions
• Be patient. It’s okay to learn things bit by bit.
• Constantly go over what you have learned in your head or in conversation till it becomes automatic.
• Categorise your memories, by mentally organising all memories of similar things together.
• Find a way to connect new memories to old ones, this works well with word/visual association.
• Use memory tricks. Try things like putting information into a rhyme or to music, make a list of instructions into an acronym, and so on.
• Keeping your mind active.

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