Stolen Moments
Inspiring and unforgettable stories from people living with Alzheimers

Stolen Moments is a book described by Frank Schaper (CEO of Alzheimers Australia WA, Ltd) as one that ‘fills a void. It is poignant and powerful.’ While Sue Pieters-Hawke from The Hazel Hawke Alzheimers Research and Care Fund (administered by Alzheimers Australia) described it as ‘a heart-warming collection of very real stories – inspiring and down-to-earth.’

We’ve heard stories of people giving copies of the book into their local practitioners saying, ‘You know the medical side of Alzheimers Disease but this is what it’s like to live with it’. The Perth-based radio presenter, Harvey Deegan, said that he learned more from this one book than he did from any text books on the topic.

But whatever way you choose to look at it, this book fills a need.

Seeing lives slowly stolen away by Alzheimers can be heart-breaking, frustrating, confusing and exhausting. Just ask anybody who has cared for a loved one and seen them gradually become a stranger. In most cases though, carers will say it was the support and understanding of others that helped them through the challenging journey of Alzheimers Disease.

This was the reason why we, Pamela and Elizabeth decided to collate Alzheimers stories from around the world and put them together in a book. The hope was that by focusing on only uplifting, humourous and inspiring true-life stories we might help those who live with Alzheimers on a daily basis. To help people to smile on a day when there seems nothing to smile about, to offer answers when there seem none and to reassure people that they are not alone, this was our aim.

Yet to our delight the feedback from the book would show that we have provided more than that. Stolen Moments has provided a legacy to the people who have written stories and poems about their relatives. It has raised awareness of the disease by offering easy-to-read and honest insights into the daily effects of Alzheimers Disease.

But almost more importantly it has become a collection of stories that shows the true strength, spirit, inspiration and love of those who live with this dreaded disease every day.

To understand this more why not read the sample story on this site or listen to Pamela read the story that started off the whole book in our The Story Behind Stolen Moments article?

‘Stolen Moments, inspiring and unforgettable stories from people living with Alzheimers’, is currently available in most good Australian bookstores or can be bought through our Store Its recommended retail price is AUS$ 24.95 with part proceeds going to support Alzheimers Australia in their everyday fight against the disease.

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