Overcoming Memory Loss

Finding ways of overcoming memory loss is something that everybody living with Alzheimers Disease has to face at some point. Sadly it’s just a fact of life. In most cases it will have been the forgetfulness that made the disease apparent in the first place thereby making the need to create new remembering strategies an immediate requirement.

Some techniques to enhance memory might not be relevant to you now, others may be essential, and others may be reassuring rather than necessary.

Which you choose to follow, and when, are entirely up to you but when it comes to making the decision it’s worth remembering a couple of things: the sooner a new habit is started the greater its chance of success, and bringing too much attention to the mental deterioration may increase frustration and depression.

Overcoming memory loss and coming to terms with the changes can be a very personal thing, some people take it all in their stride while others can fight it all the way. In the end it all becomes a very individual decision usually driven by need, acceptance and understanding.

Tips on ways to overcome memory loss

• Make sure all the essential items (keys, glasses, medication, false teeth, handbag, etc) have a set and obvious place.

• Everywhere you go take a pocket-size notepad, diary and pencil, to write down all essential details.

• Always carry a business card printed with a contact phone number and home address.

• Place a small whiteboard prominently in the house and write-down important messages and information.

• Place small stick-on notes of instructions or reminders on individual items.

• Repeat the names of people and places regularly in conversation.

• Create routines (ie Monday – laundry, Tuesday – shopping, Wednesday – visitors, and so on).

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