Activities for Alzheimers

Finding activities for Alzheimers sufferers is important for a variety of reasons, but primarily so that they can enjoy a fun and productive life.

Many people hear a diagnosis and suddenly, within their mind, the person with the illness is different – we don’t know how to talk to them, we are unsure what they can do or are allowed to do.

To overcome bored or stilted moments it’s worth having a variety of activities on hand. Playing card games, easy gardening jobs, books to look at, there are any number of pastimes or simple tasks that can be done by two or more people that will help alleviate concerns and reassure family and friends.

While there is no cure for Alzheimers Disease it has been proven that mental stimulation can often slow the process. Even mixing with others and holding active conversations can make a difference.

However when planning or arranging activities it is important to remember that Alzheimers can also lessen a person's attention span. So when you are starting out focus on 15 minute activities and then adjust from there

Anyway here are some suggestions for activities.

Crossword puzzles
Writing short stories
Playing music
Watching videos or DVDs of the family
Playing with pets
Writing Haiku poetry
Prompted discussion or joining a Discussion Group
Collecting Alzheimers stories

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