Keeping Your Mind Active

Keeping your mind active is vital regardless of whether you’ve been diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease or not. In these days when there’s so much to do, it’s easy to take the easy way out. Why remember street directions when a map is at hand? Why remember birthdays when they can be written in a diary? Why remember what was arranged when somebody else will remember for you?

Remembering can be a habit and the more we choose to trust our memory, even if there are occasional mistakes, the better we feel and the better we become. Simply knowing that you’re keeping your mind active can make you feel younger, healthier and more capable.

So what else can be done to keep your mind active? Once again it comes back to avoiding those things we know are bad for us, excessive alcohol and drug abuse, limited sleep, unhealthy food patterns, stress. But there is more that can be done to improve your memory than avoiding the bad things.

To be honest the best way to keep your mind active is to use it more, thinking, remembering and learning. But we all knew that, right? The real question is how.

Mind activity suggestions
• Take up a new hobby
• Read more and wider
• Reminisce
• Become part of a discussion group
• Research things you’ve always wanted to know
• Take up chess, crosswords and other thinking pastimes
• Write about your life
• Start a new course
• Go on the internet
• Concentrate more on what is happening around you
• Join a new club
• Go on cultural outings (museums, art galleries, concerts, etc)

There are many ways of to keep your mind active, and once you decide it’s what you want to do the opportunities will appear everywhere, it’s just a matter of taking them.

As time progresses the range of activities for Alzheimers Disease sufferers may change to help in overcoming memory loss but the need for keeping your mind as active as possible is still just as vital and relevant.

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