The Causes Of Alzheimers

There are a number of possible causes of Alzheimers and, as with any disease that is continuing to be researched, the list of possibilities continues to grow as more is understood.

However the main causes can be narrowed down to one – age, or more specifically aging.

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia, which simply put is a overall name given to illnesses that see a person’s ability to function on a daily level diminish. Dementia is most common in the older people of our communities.

However aging it self does not mean you will definitely get the disease, thankfully. There are many people in their 80s and 90s who are still very active mentally and physically.

Hereditary causes
While it can not be proved that Alzheimers is a hereditary disease, it can be said that history of Alzheimers within a family can increase emergence of the disease in future generations.

There is significant research that shows the existence of a rogue gene (ApoE4) within a person’s body can increase the chances of being diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease, but once again the mere existence of this gene does not confirm a future diagnosis.

Lifestyle causes
Other causes that have been discussed come under the lifestyle heading. Some believe that there is a close link between Alzheimers and diet. The belief being that a diet high in fat causes an increasing number of free radicals to damage the brain. Add chronic stress to this and the damage can be even greater.

While the factors that cause Alzheimers Disease still seem unproven, the answer to what is Alzheimers is clearly answered and every year thousands of people worldwide continue their research not only into the reasons but also into the solutions.

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