Activities for Alzheimers
- Painting -

Painting is one of those delightful pastimes that you can never do wrong. Whether you’re creating an artwork with your fingers, your toes, a brush or a shape carved out of a raw potato, if you’re painting for yourself there is no right or wrong way. In fact, for many people the act of painting is what causes the enjoyment, not the actual result.

Imagine the sight of a grandparent painting alongside their grandson or granddaughter, or how about the simple delight of sitting outside painting a flower. Providing there are no expectations on the outcome, painting can be a wonderfully relaxing, expressive and creative activity.

The advantages of this painting are many, but especially so for those diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. It can:
• be a great activity to do alongside young grandchildren.
• help express emotions.
• create a sense of achievement.
• relieve frustration, and calm.
• provide an outlet for things that can’t be said.
• create a distraction.

Depending on the progression of the disease some people may require more supervision than others, but the benefits of using of colours and the physical act of creating can never be underestimated.

In our store you will discover a Painting For Fun Kit ideal for this Alzheimers activity. Sourced intentionally for this purpose, it comes complete with a:
• canvas mounted on a frame. It’s easy to hold or prop up on an easel, but also of a size that isn’t large and onfronting, but still big enough to make the painting an achievement.
• wooden palette. Once again, easy to hold.
• range of acrylic paints. These are the ones that come in tubes that look like oil paints, but that wash out in water.
• selection of different size paint brushes.

This painting kit is one of those wonderfully affordable resources that works well as a gift or as an activity standby for those moments when there is a need.

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