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Many people want to start recording their Alzheimers stories and in many cases the life that was as well when they start to disappear behind the mists of Alzheimers.

Depending on the current stage of Alzheimers what parts of life can be recorded successfully varies. If the person who has been diagnosed is still able to talk then the recording of their life can be recorded in a variety of media.

Biographies have always been traditionally recorded by pen on paper. Writing stories is a great option if you love playing with the written word and have access to a computer. Even if you are unsure what you will do with your writing when you have finished getting the words on the page is not only an excellent way to record a story but it can also serve as a cathartic release.

For those who find less enjoyment in writing, but are still able to have discussions with the person they care for, audio taping their story maybe a better option. While having a tape recorder or MP3 on hand might take some organisation it does mean that everything is recorded at the time, there is no need to find time later to write the days events.

A modern version of the audio taping is videoing. The wonderful thing about this option is that it is not only discussions and events that are recorded. It enables characteristics, like sense of humour, dialect and physical actions, to be record too, allowing a three dimensional picture to be kept.

Along with writing, taping and videoing Alzheimers stories consider taking photographs, writing down anecdotes, drawing pictures, anything that can be used to trigger your memory, that of other family members and friends, and to create an important legacy.

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