Activities For Alzheimers
- Discussion Group -

Discussion Groups, or simply discussing subjects between two people, are a wonderful way to trigger thought processes and memories.

In fact, depending on the extent of the Alzheimers Disease, one of the delightful benefits of this Alzheimers Activities is that it’s not unusual for the discussions to become recounts of a person’s past. Hidden memories appearing, seemingly from nowhere, along with thoughts and glimpses of the person we knew before Alzheimers.

Discussion Groups have long been considered a way of keeping your mind active The main difference to consider when planning discussions with those diagnosed with Alzheimers is the required length of their attention span (which can be dramatically shortened by the disease) and the complexity of the topic to be covered.

Suggestions for organising discussions or starting a group.
• Try keeping the group small and friendly, start for example with three or four people.
• Plan on the discussion length being around ten minutes, although be adaptable if the chosen topic inspires longer discussion.
• Don’t allow one person to monopolise the discussion.
• Pick topics of interest to everybody. Everyday subjects are often a good starting point, as are items relating to historic events participants have lived through, and household items/services that are now superseded (ie Coolgardie fridge, wireless, milk deliveries).
• To expand the group's activities consider having a discussion then ask those involved to write on the subject for an extra few minutes.

While we all use our five senses to varying levels, sight for many people is their main sense. In keeping with this Western Australian photographer Steve Bezant has worked with us to create a series of unique and thought-provoking pictures.

Coming in a pack of 50, these Brain Sparking Photo Trigger Cards Cards are durable, postcard-size pictures, are ideal prompts to spark casual discussions between two people or to be passed around for group discussion. The pictures were chosen specifically to trigger writing, discussion and thoughts, hence the name Brain Sparking. For more information, sample pictures and to buy a pack please visit the Life’s Inspirational Moments website.

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