Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

I arrived at Norrie’s at 8.30 a.m. and it was lovely to see Sue (the Carer who now usually visits Norrie on week mornings) sitting with her, both enjoying a cuppa.

Sue had helped Norrie take her morning tablets from the Webster-Pak, but indicated she wanted to tell me something. When Norrie went to the bathroom, Sue showed me the Webster-Pak. The sides had come apart and some of the tablets were missing while some were in the incorrect compartments.

We could only surmise that when Norrie was taking either her lunchtime or bedtime tablets she had pushed the pack in the wrong places and some of the tablets had fallen out and she had then tried to put them back. But …. the ones that were missing? Where were they? Had she seen them sitting loose out of the pack and thought she needed to take them?

We searched under the papers on the table, looked under the table, on the chairs …. But not a sign of any tablets. Then I had an idea. I looked in Norrie’s little kitchen bin – and there, buried under crusts and scraps were several tablets of varying shapes and sizes. She couldn’t work out which of the Webster-Pak compartments to put them back into, so her solution was ……….. drop them in the bin!

At least she hadn’t swallowed them all by mistake.

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