Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

Norrie has been sad and very close to tears over the past couple of weeks. I’ve put it down to the new system of taking her tablets, the change has definitely upset her and added to her confusion. I just keep hoping that she will get used to the Webster Pak.

Every time we speak I expect her to state for the umpteenth time, “I am going to phone the doctor to tell her I don’t want to take all these tablets. I have been taking tablets all my life; surely I don’t have to take all these now.”

At which point I usually bite my tongue and patiently offer my stock answer, “You have already seen the doctor and she has told you, that to keep well, you need to take your medication. Lots of people have to take tablets every day for the rest of their lives, including me.”

But today, my diminutive, snow white-haired sweet darling aunt is looking up at me with eyes brimming with unshed tears. “I know you’ll think I’m silly,” she says, “but I had a dream about Mum and Dad. You know how each morning before I went to work, I would wash them and dress them and see that they had their breakfast?”

I reply that yes, I remember the many years that she looked after my elderly, infirm grandmother and grandfather.

“Well, I dreamt that they needed me. I got out of bed and was nearly out of the bedroom to go to them, before I realized that they weren’t here anymore. It was so real. I often wake up suddenly, thinking I have heard them call for me. I get so confused and everything gets so fuzzy, I really think I see them and hear them call for me.”

My heart ached as I held her in my arms – she doesn’t take up much room - and I softly told her that I understood and that everything would be alright, wishing with all my heart that it could be.

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