Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

Quite often I will receive a phone call from Norrie telling me that there were several Carers who called in to her that morning.

Sometimes in her mind there are two or three or at times even 10 Carers! She tells me that they use all her coffee and eat all her biscuits. Then another time she will tell me that she always makes cups of coffee for the Carers and their children.

Once every couple of months a Supervisor will accompany a Carer, and I believe that that is where the ‘multiple’ number of Carers visiting comes from, in her mind.

And as a different lady visits on the weekend shift to the week shift, and sometimes someone else fills in for a regular Carer during the week, I think that adds to Norrie’s confusion and makes her think that sometimes she has several Carer’s visiting together on one morning.

The Carer’s don’t use her coffee – each of the Carer’s has their own brand and type of teabags or coffee in the kitchen. And as I do the shopping – I know how much coffee is used. Aunty Norrie lived through the depression years, and that together with the legacy of her parsimonious father (my stern, strict, Scottish, Presbyterian grandfather), contributes to making her attitude and lifestyle very frugal. She is always concerned about how much she is using of an item or service or how much something costs.

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