Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

“I don’t want those women calling in to me again! There were 6 of them this morning. I have told them not to come back again. I phoned the doctor and told her I didn’t want them here!”

My Aunty believes she phones the doctor, but of course sadly, it is just in her mind that she has phoned.

In the past she has rejected my reply that there is only one Carer who visits in the morning and she would become very upset and cross that I didn’t believe her.

After various attempts to find a way to overcome the problem, I discovered that if I told her that she could tell the ‘multiple’ Carers who visited, that only one Carer was allowed to visit, she calmed down. Now when I receive that type of phone call again, or if she tells me the same story when I see her, I say, “But you have told them that only one Carer is to visit.”

We then both giggle together naughtily as though we have our personal secret at the perceived thought of Norrie’s own authority and control of the Carers, and for the while, the problem dissipates. It doesn’t go away, but at this point in time and stage of her Alzheimer’s, it keeps the problem of the ‘multiple’ carers in her mind under control.

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