Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

When I first suggested a Carer visiting, all attempts of persuasion were met with, “I don’t want people coming into my home. I won’t fall over in the shower. I’ve been taking showers by myself all my life,” and, “I haven’t ever slipped or fallen over in the shower”. This is from my 85 year old, 4 foot 10 inch, 6 stone, frail but strong aunty who walks aided by a walking frame.

My mother, who is 87 years of age, agreed that she was a little wobbly on her legs and accepted that she would use a chair in the shower. By my mother using a ‘shower chair’, it was a little easier to convince Aunty Norrie to use one also, but she drew the line at anyone to assist her in showering.

I called into Norrie’s unit for the first few mornings that the Carer visited. I was able to persuade Norrie to have a shower if the Carer didn’t go into the bathroom, but stayed in the nearby kitchen preparing some toast and fruit for Norrie’s breakfast.

Fortunately the Carers’ who take turns in visiting are very patient and understanding.

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