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Is Alzheimers Hereditary ?

QUESTION: Is Alzheimers hereditary ?

Sadly this question, Is Alzheimers hereditary ?, is one of the most common, yet as with so much to do with this disease there is no definite proof (so far that we could find) that answers this question one way or another.

On one hand many scientists do currently believe that there are strong links within a person’s genetic make-up. Yet there is no proof that those people who already have Alzheimers in their family contract the disease more often than those who have no hereditary links.

We are told of the rogue gene that carries the disease down through families, but this seems to only account for a small percentage of cases, the larger percentage of sufferers appearing to have no obvious causes or hereditary links at all.

All of this maybe a little bit of comfort to those who are concerned they may be diagnosed with Alzheimers because somebody else in their family has, but in the meantime if you think you maybe at risk we can only suggest that you follow the steps recommended to prevent Alzheimers and to keep your mind active

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