Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

Enlightenment! I’m going to try the official ‘Health Department’ line with Norrie … again.

When first I arranged for a Carer to call in on Aunty Norrie each morning, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that Norrie reacted negatively. “I don’t need anyone calling to see me. I can look after myself!”

It didn’t matter that I’d tell Norrie that the doctor wanted the Carer to call each morning.

It didn’t matter if I said I’d feel easier knowing someone was visiting her every morning.

It didn’t matter if I said our family and friends wanted to know that she was safe by having a lady Carer visit in the mornings.

But … when in desperation I said the ‘Department of Health’ said she needed someone to visit each morning to make sure she hadn’t had a fall during the night – she reluctantly agreed.

I convinced myself that I hadn’t actually lied. That if she had a fall, it would be through the Department of Health that she would eventually have to leave her unit and enter a Nursing Home. Not really lying - but I didn’t really care – what I cared most about, was that she had agreed – regardless however it had been put to her – she had agreed to allow a Carer to visit her each morning.

Like so many of her generation, she responded to Government ‘Authority’.

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