Adventures with Mum and Aunty Norrie

Well, another challenge- how am I going to get Aunty Norrie to use a Webster-Pak for her tablets? Norrie’s lovely doctor has regularly recommended to Norrie that if she was to use a Webster-Pak, it would be a great advantage for her. But Norrie has steadfastly refused all suggestions of using the Chemist prepared pack, constantly stating adamantly ‘that she has used her system for over 40 years and she knows what she is doing’.

If she won’t take any notice of what the doctor recommends, what can I do?

If she refuses to believe that she isn’t taking her tablets, even though the evidence shows her she isn’t, and she continues not to take them, she will eventually have to enter a Nursing Home where her medication will be supervised. That will be devastating to her. She loves her little unit and is terrified of having to leave it.

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