Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

Norrie greets me with, “They are going to build four units at the back of my unit.”

“Who are they?” I asked. “Who told you this?”

“There was a man here yesterday and he told me. Come out the back and I’ll show you.”

I follow Norrie to the back area of her unit in the Retirement Village. Toward the rear fence a former straggly bush-land tree boasts a neatly trimmed trunk with several of the cut branches still lying on the ground.

“See, they have started clearing.”

“Darling, that’s just the gardener doing some maintenance work. There is no way that any units are going to be built here. For a start, there isn’t enough room.”

An agitated Norrie starts complains, “You don’t listen to me. I know the man came yesterday and told me. They are starting building next week!”

I know the only way I am going to calm Norrie is by being able to quote someone in ‘authority’. So I ask her to come to the Retirement Village office with me to talk with the manager.

As expected, the manager says that there is no building planned anywhere on the Village complex, let alone the rear of Norrie’s unit.

As I had hoped, the talk and assurance from the Manager calms Norrie. But I know that I will need to write a note reminding her that we spoke with the Manager and that there is not any building commencing. If I don’t, I’ll receive telephone calls retelling me that, “They are going to build units behind my unit.”

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