Mini-Scrapbooking Kits

This mini-scrapbooking kit is a complete gift or activity in itself. Coming with the delightful hand-made paper books, you have everything you need for a fun and creative project – including a booklet of suggestions and instructions.

Create your own personal journal or scrapbook with this inspirational assortment of colours and textures.

This kit contains everything you will need:

• a 20 page, vibrantly coloured, 8" square (22cm square) handmade paper journal.

• instruction and ideals booklet

• a selection of scrapbooking papers and edging

• 3 coloured gel pens for easy writing and drawing

• a small glue stick

Ideal for all ages, this kit is great for a travel or holiday journal, a memento of a special occasion, inspiration to start writing and an ideal gift for the children.

(Contents of each pack may vary from those displayed in this picture.)

PRICE: AU$ 7.50

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