Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

“Aunty Norrie, do you remember last Tuesday that you and I counted the tablets in the packets, the ones you need to take each morning? Look, here are the ‘post notes’ we stuck on each packet and they show last week’s date and the number of tablets in each packet.”

A tentative, “Yes.”

“Well, darling, see this packet – we have written that there were 18 tablets in the packet last Tuesday, and by you taking a tablet each morning over the past week, there should only be 11 tablets left. Look, count them with me, there are still 18 tablets. You haven’t been taking your tablets in the morning.”

“Yes I have! I have taken my tablets every morning!”

“But darling, they are still here in the packets.”

“I take my tablets every morning, just like I have for 40 years. I know what I am doing!”

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