Adventures with
Mum and Aunty Norrie

I am so fortunate; my sister Cathy is a very special sister. Cathy and I fought frequently when we were children. I am the elder by six years, and of course I expected Cathy to do as I told her. As Cathy was the younger and very pretty, I considered that she got away with heaps and told her so. As we grew into adulthood, our lives went in different directions and we only saw each other at family get-togethers.

When our respective children were born, we became closer. She cared for my children and gave them love and when her boys, my nephews Justen and Paul, were born, I loved them dearly and was proud to watch them grow into responsible and caring young men. My darling brother-in-law, Colin was always a support and I knew I and our family could always rely on his integrity and strong family values.

When our father became ill, Cathy devoted a great deal of her day to day life to help him and my mother. We would often share stories and commiserate with each other about our father’s health and demeanor.

But it was when our father died that our ties strengthened and with the shared realization and understanding of our mother’s illness, our bonding as sisters became indestructible.

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